Renovation in Istanbul


The most common question I am asked is, “Should I renovate or start again?” My answer is, “It depends.” Clearly it’s a big decision that should be based upon a number of factors. So the first thing we’ll do is sit down and talk. For example, we’ll talk about:

 Your family and your stage of life

 The zoning status, regulations and restrictions by municipalities

 Your needs and your expectations

 Your property’s location

 Your long term plans

 Your dreams

 And your finances

If you love your home and it’s in a great location for schools, transport, work and friends, then renovating it is probably a smart, cost-effective solution.

By sitting down together we’ll be able to ensure that all your needs – even the ones you may not have thought of – are taken into account. This is our chance to get to know each other and the better we do the better the end result will be.

Rest assured, an elegantly simple, creative renovation can provide years more use of a beloved family home in a location you know and love and that’s close to friends and amenities.